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Toyota 8 Inch Trail-Creeper Super Finish Ring & Pinion Gears

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NB: Installing the incorrect part will lead to binding or early failure. See full image for part identification.
NB: Won't fit on OEM 4.88 carrier due to gear set thickness.
The primary difference between the 4 cylinder and V6 part numbers is the pinion diameter and depth.
4 cylinder parts are for all early model (1979 to 1985) 2 and 4 spider diffs except V6 models.
V6 parts are for early V6 models and later model (1986 on) diffs.
NB: V6 parts can be fitted to early model diffs with bearing 90366-35044
Tired of waiting for your ring and pinions to break-in before towing or hitting the trail? The solution is Trail-Creeper™Super Finish Ring & Pinion Gears. Trail-Creeper™ Super Finish Ring& Pinion Gears require absolutely no break-in time. You can install these gears and get right into the action without the need to worry about premature ring and pinion failure.
Trail-Creeper™ Super Finish Ring & Pinion Gears are made from tool-grade 8620 steel and heat-treated for maximum strength and wear resistance. The gear teeth are cut using Gleason CNC hobbing machines & cutters. Gleason gear-cutting technology produces an unprecedented level of accuracy and surface finish, which allows the gears to transmit more torque and improve fuel efficiency.
Key Benefits:
No break-in period
Less friction
Reduced wear allowing bearings and gears to last longer
Trail-Creeper™ Super Finish Ring & Pinion Gears are treated with REM® Isotropic Super Finishing(ISF®) process. The process that is used to polish our gears is the same used for aerospace applications. The REM® Isotropic Super Finishing (ISF ®) process removes the microscopic peaks in the material and creates a surface on the ring and pinion gears with a roughness of less than 10 µin Ra! This means that there is less friction between the gears, reducing wear by 95% and allowing the gears and bearings to run cooler and last longer. The REM® Isotropic Super Finishing (ISF®) process not only decreases friction and wear in the gears, but it creates a non-directional surface that increases lubricant retention on the gear surface, reducing lubrication requirements.
NB: Late model/V6 parts can be fitted to early model diffs with bearing 90366-35044
For more information Read This
See full image to choose correct options.
See How To Check Tooth Contact for some setup information.

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Price: $614.99 (inc GST) 



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