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Coyote Boltless Internal Beadlock for 16 Inch Rims

Click image to enlarge
Coyote boltless internal beadlock for 16 inch rims from 7 to 10 inches wide.
The Coyote Enterprises boltless internal pneumatic dual bead lock divides the tyres air chamber into two separate compartments, each with its own valve stems. One is for the tyre and the other for the bead lock. The heavy duty inner tube in the bead lock case forces the case to take shape and do its job, lock the tyre beads to the rim. The inner tube is inflated to up to 50psi and forces/pinches both tire beads against the rim. On a 15 inch wheel Coyote calculate that there is over 4,500 pounds of force holding the beads against the rim bead. The tyre is inflated through a standard valve stem fitted with an air channel allowing the tyre to be inflated or deflated as normal.

The Coyote boltless beadlocks have several advantages over conventional, mechanical beadlocks.
- You can use your existing wheels.
- They lock both the outside and inside tyre beads to the wheel. This prevents the inside tire bead from burping air.
- They provide a 3 inch high, 50 psi bump stop that reduces wheel and tyre damage in demanding uses like Baja and Hammer racing.
- There are no balance issues.
- There are no bolt circle torque maintenance requirements.
- They give you a 'limp flat' capability to get back to camp or off to the side of the trail for a safer setting to change to your spare.

Watch the step by step installation instructions

Model Number:  CEB16719-1
Price: $389.99 (inc GST) 



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